New Wall Hanging

I meant to post this a while ago. I made this wall hanging for my parents for their Christmas present. Some interesting quick cell phone images came out from the process. Overall I think it was nice to get back k to my textile roots. The whole piece took quite a while to print and stamp. Also my succulents look nice.

Stormy Day and Trance

I am a firm believer in acupuncture. I have chronic TMJ which when aggravated creates a debilitating pain on the side of my face. Going to acupuncture helped to heal and relax my jaw muscles. Recently I have been interested in acupuncture not just for TMj and stress management, but also for unblocking creativity. I feel like for the last year I haven't been able to fully put my energies into making. Solely based on the fact that I was unsure of how to approach the new ideas and theory I had. The work I was approaching is based in the connection of identity to memory, and to a lesser extent our existence (identity) after death as pure memory. When I approach my work I am unable to proceed wit

Lumen Prints

I've been experimenting with more lumen prints. I really like the process. The biggest issue is you need expired paper. The more expired the better. Some sellers on eBay tend to inflate the prices of expired paper. So far I've had some successful prints and I'm hoping they lead somewhere.

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