PACE Gallery in Menlo Park is Amazing

I want to live in this place. Or maybe have each room in my house one of these installations. I've been twice already and I will probably go a few more times before it closes in December. Projection mapping and digital worlds - such lovely work here. You can see the idiots walking in front of my shot but oh well. It's best experienced in person.

Plants, plants, plants, and a week teaching for the Palo Alto Art Center

Look Mom, I did it!!! After using up many seeds and losing many spouts to the elements (mainly Kat care), I have finally been able to get my gomphrena globosa / globe amaranth plants to grow! Woo Hoo! My hibiscus and Pride of Barbados plants are now also starting to flower, so I finally have a local source for my flower projects. My lignum vitae (Guaiacum Sanctum) has starting sprouting lots of leaves. I was worried about it for a little while but I guess it just needed time to acclimatise. Since this is technically not the national flower of Jamaica, I ordered some Guaiacum Officinale seeds online from The Banana Tree. Let the art commence!! I was able to grab a last minute week long Summe

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