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Stormy Day and Trance

I am a firm believer in acupuncture. I have chronic TMJ which when aggravated creates a debilitating pain on the side of my face. Going to acupuncture helped to heal and relax my jaw muscles. 

Recently I have been interested in acupuncture not just for TMj and stress management, but also for unblocking creativity. I feel like for the last year I haven't been able to fully put my energies into making. Solely based on the fact that I was unsure of how to approach the new ideas and theory I had. The work I was approaching is based in the connection of identity to memory, and to a lesser extent our existence (identity) after death as pure memory. 

When I approach my work I am unable to proceed with it unless I have a vision of it in some form completed. This is not ideal and most of the time I have to use meditation and hypnosis to sort and process the ideas. I hadn't been able to get around this particular creative block recently (for the last few months) and I finally went to see my acupuncturist. I had one of the most vivid invigorating inspiring creative vision quest trance hypnotic experiences that I have ever had. I saw what I needed to make, and while I'm not yet sure what it (will) means, I know I have to and will make it - very common with my work. 

So if you are feeling creativity blocked, I recommend getting lightly pricked by a professional and laying in a trance state for a little over an hour to reinvigorate your creative practice. 

Also hello RAIN. I haven't seen rain like this in the Bay in many years. The weather also seeks to inspire. Here's a little fun a had with my bedroom window light this evening. I have to say the Google Pixel camera doesn't disappoint.

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