A Surprise Exhibit & New Textile Work

Jay Ruland sent me another opportunity to exhibit! We will have work up on the fourth floor of The Martin Luther King Jr Library. I am showing work from MOWI and it will be up through August. I also started working on a large textile piece. I started it the way we used to in secondary school where we would first create the layered stencil and then dye the fabric and create textures during the dye process.

A Mini Vacation, A Commission, & A Wedding

I was so happy to get away with my partner for a while. We travelled to the sierras to attend my good friend Carmina's wedding. Along the way Ryan took us for a detour and we ended up taking the scenic route to Lake Topaz in Nevada and camped there for the night before heading back to Pinecrest Chalet. A very nice place to vacation with cabins. I also installed the commission silk artwork for Carmina's wedding and it fit the scenery perfectly! Here are the shots before and after we tied the flowers to attach the silk to the beams. The wedding was beautiful. I also saw a few familiar artist faces. ;)

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