On Teaching

I've recently taken a position at Academy of Art teaching a graduate course - Photography As Mixed Media. It's exciting to get to work with graduate students especially in a class where they get to play and experiment with materials. I love classes where I get to revisit processes I've learned but put on the backburner for a while. Having a n excuse or a reason to be in San Francisco once a week is also exciting since I don't get to go that often. I expect field trips in the coming future, and I plan on bringing my students to the newly opened SF MOMA in May - it's been too long. On Martin Luther King Jr Day I was able to go to Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. They had a wonderful exhibitio

A very long and very annoying trip through Miami

Our trip back started just fine. We were at the airport on time, and even though there were very long lines, and I will never book a flight out of Bim in the afternoon again, we made it up up and away just fine. The first problems started to pile up once we landed in Miami. We arrived early but there was another plane in our gate which ended up making us arrive late. After that the immigration lines were wrapping around the building, and once through those lines and after picking up our bags, the customs lines were even longer. There was obviously something wrong but no officials were sharing. We were still good on time for our flight to SFO, but once we were through customs, all of us conne

Making the Rounds back in Bim

Back in Barbados after the trip in St. Lucia, we had about a day and a half to regroup. I finally had some time to break out my Mamiya C330 and make rounds around my parents property. Happy accidents and flower close ups were my usual subjects, but I've also been becoming more interested in textures like coconut bark, and ground coral found around the island (not beach).

UWI Cave Hill Credit Union Commission

I was honoured today to present the permanent installation of my artwork to the UWI Cave Hill Credit Union. The work was commission by the credit union for their 30th anniversary. In 2012 I wanted to continue on as an MFA candidate and was applying to schools across California. I was informed of a new scholarship opportunity offered by my credit union University of the West Indies Cave Hill Credit Union. Since I had already taken out many undergraduate loans, and was working three part time jobs, I jumped at the chance to have monetary assitance for my MFA programme. Suffice it to say I was ecstatic when I was chosen as the recipient of this wonderful postgraduate scholarship. For the last f

St. Lucia: a flower obsession & finding my roots 2015-16

I've been needing to get my citizenship documents for St. Lucia in order for years now, and this year I finally had a chance to make that happen. My mother was able to get us all on a flight to St. Lucia and we celebrated the new year there. It also happened that one of the many flowers I do research on for my work was somehwat accessible to me there (or so I thought!). In any case It turned into a crazy obsessive chase with me making my mother call friends and drive me around late the night before our flight back to find some flower specimens of "la magwit" (the marguerite / gomphrena globosa). On another note we got to visit Soufríerè which I hadn't been to in many years. You can see the p

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