Jewellery Update!

For my birthday, my partner and fellow artist Ryan Kalem gifted me with an electroforming kit to jump start my jewellery making which I had put on the back burner. I haven't yet figured out all the kinks and introsyncrases of this process, but having it definitely has put a fire under my tail for now. I finally casted and finished a long awaited bronze Diosa Luna pendant for an past art professor, and wire wrapped a piece of blue Kyanite for an art colleague. I love working with crystals in my practice and personally for meditation. An excellent Third-Eye Chakra stone, Blue Kyanite can pull very high vibrations in through this chakra to be processed as messages from other realms. It can tran

Botanica at SJSU Library, Casting Results, & A Great Website

There is a wonderful exhibition on botanical illustration on view at the Sam Jose University Library. They have samples of pressed flowers and a fantastically beautiful book on succulents which I am trying to aquire. I was able to cast my flower in a first round of test casting and had some great results. Gomphrena seems to be generally built for easy casting. Some ofthe other flowers like roses will take more work to figure out. I'll be working out the kinks in the coming months. A while back I found a website that was selling cast gold Taíno deities and zemis - I found this website and bought a couple of pieces when I was doing research into indigenous people from the Car

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