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St. Lucia: a flower obsession & finding my roots 2015-16

I've been needing to get my citizenship documents for St. Lucia in order for years now, and this year I finally had a chance to make that happen. My mother was able to get us all on a flight to St. Lucia and we celebrated the new year there. It also happened that one of the many flowers I do research on for my work was somehwat accessible to me there (or so I thought!). In any case It turned into a crazy obsessive chase with me making my mother call friends and drive me around late the night before our flight back to find some flower specimens of "la magwit" (the marguerite / gomphrena globosa).

On another note we got to visit Soufríerè which I hadn't been to in many years. You can see the pitons in the image below.

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