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A Flowery Self Portrait & Blooming Blossoms

I'll start with the blossoms. Look how well they're doing. The Pride of Barbados does well in California's summer but I expect once it becomes colder i'll have to move the plant back inside until it becomes warm again. When I purchased it I was told it is deciduous, this must just apply to it being in this climate since in Barbados it blossoms year round.

Here's another line drop for PACE gallery in Menlo Park. It's so wonderful I can't stop saying that. Here's a quick self portrait from the hundred I took in the flower room. This was before I got my tattoo coloured and I love how the colours look on my scarf and in the tattoo lines.

Also I got my sleeve started by the wonderful @bencadmium. I love it. The detail on the flying fish and the colours ooh la la. I ave a few ideas for how I'l extend it but I'm waiting for more teaching positions so I can fund my love of this art form.

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