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A Month Full of Art Events! (oh and dog sitting o.o )

I started dog sitting as a way to make extra money and hang out with more dog friends. My first doggy friend I met was Max. That weekend was also the fourth of July.I got some great images and videos of fireworks right from underneath where they were being set off. Check out my Instagram to see videos.

This month was also the opening of "The Black Woman is God" exhibition at SOMArts. Be sure to check it out. It is up until later in August.

Also there was a wonderful closing party for the "Border Cantos" exhibition. Robin Lasser and Craig Hobbs showed their "Migration Stories" exhibit on the outside of the museum.

My good friend and artist colleague Alyssa Eustaquio and I visited the Montalvo Art Center to see the Art festival. While I found one very inspiring artist and work, the entire event felt very whitewashed. They could have included more artists of colour and made it feel less like a garden party for rich people. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the work by Margaret L. Kemp. "Ghosting | Where does the blue sky start?" It was an amazing and inspiring work. Downright FANTASTIC.

The weekend after was the opening of the "Night Light" exhibition.It was fantastic! Packed with amazing visual and performing artists. Some of the music artists blew my mind. Below are images from the installation and opening. Unfortunately I can't upload videos to this platform but check out my Instagram page for the footage.

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