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Getting back to Casting & Gomphrena Globosa

I'm finally able to get back to casting after almost a year of being out of the lab. Now that I have found a great source for Gomphrena Globosa (Globe Amaranth) from a wonderful farm in Washington called LoveJoy Farms.

Gomphrena Globosa / Globe Amaranth Image from Love-Joy Farms

Somehow I was able to get 100 pounds of investment into the back of my car from my upstairs apartment. It took lots of maneuvering and awkward positions. I'm pretty sure my neighbours were very curious as to what I was doing.

100 Pounds of Investment

I was able to figure our the best way to coat and sprue my flowers for casting. A hairdryer works wonders! My new work is all about investigation into my obsession with flowers, their preciousness, and what they represent (in a nutshell). So I see silver and beesxwax as part of my coming art makings. It would also be nice to get back into making jewellery.

Invested Gomphrena Globosa

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